10 sensor-based telehealth companies

[grow_thumb image=”https://telecareaware.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/biostamp.jpg” thumb_width=”150″ /]Our First 10 For Friday is what is termed a ‘sensor technology renaissance’ in telehealth, mostly tied to that sensor-equipped device called a smartphone. The ten companies profiled in Bionic.ly, including an ingestible, are:

Sano Intelligence–wearable patch sensor transmitting blood chemistry data such as glucose and potassium

Zephyr Technology–performance shirts in partnership with UnderArmour [TTA 25 Mar]

Cardiio–developed by the MIT Media Lab, it uses changes in skin tone read by an iPhone to measure resting heart rate [TTA 21 Mar]

MC10 (picture left/above)–the Biostamp elastic sensor and sensors used by combat soldiers to measure hydration, temperature, impact and other body indicators [TTA 22 Feb]

AliveCor–David Albert, MD’s ECG in an iPhone case

MedSensation–a pressure feedback/temperature sensor glove in prototype to detect subdermal issues in the breast, kidneys and other areas

First Warning Systems–developing The Breast Tissue Screen Bra that measures tiny temperature changes that occur as blood vessels grow and feed tumors

Withings–scales and activity trackers

Equivital–VitalSense Core Temperature Capsule pill that senses internal temperature and is being tested on firefighters to measure core body temperature during fires

Somaxis–Myolink measures muscle energy output, claims to be an “ultimate open-source, wireless, wearable EMG/EKG/EEG biosensor platform”

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