Digital health and mitigating concussion

Neil Versel’s latest in Mobihealthnews is about the role of digital health in detecting concussion: the promising tablet-based neuromuscular assessment tool NeuroAssess developed by Harvard’s Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering, the MC10/Reebok Sports Impact Indicator (a mesh skullcap connected to sensors) and the Battle Sports Science chin strap sensor. With Neil’s example of concussion in the National Hockey League (NHL), one wonders if this tough sport–along with soccer’s concussion possibility in ‘heading the ball’ –will join with the NFL in their research efforts. (We will not discuss the multiple hazards of rugby.) Also of note is the NIH ten-year brain mapping project. Digital health gives hope for mitigating concussion damage, brain disease

Your Editors have been following progress in concussion detection and research since June 2012. Further sad confirmation of CTEBrain injury research study: progress is ‘ordered, predictable’NFL donates $30 million to FNIH for TBI researchCombating soldier TBI (continued)Combating TBI on the battle- and football fieldsDARPA/RIT’s ‘Blast Gauge’: measuring the unseen wound.

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