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Some ways to put digital health in action at CES: turn the techies into health tech ambassadors by giving them devices to wear during CES and doing a competitive tally of their results, with an award from a prestige panel; test a smoking cessation program (and similar); include in CES the culture change partners such as health systems and data analysts who can actually make that flood of device data into something useful. Interesting POV. How entrepreneurs, execs can take advantage of the techies at CES (MedCityNews)

UnitedHealthGroup is looking to connect its beneficiaries to healthy lifestyles, through tools such as adapting ‘DanceDanceRevolution’ to a classroom setting, mobile apps, cost estimators and rewards programs. Unfortunately, it will need to be more exciting to consumers than as presented at the Digital Health Summit, if this article is to be an indicator. UnitedHealth Group makes waves at CES (mHIMSS) The Forbes article (next) goes into more detail on their 4,000 square foot and more importantly, the global $60,000 Breakthrough Health Tech Challenge prize to help people more effectively manage chronic health conditions.

And finally, the fork making all the news. After you’ve traipsed hundreds of miles of aisles, sat in on your 75th presentation, and have sensory overload to the nth degree, Editor Donna can understand those covering CES for falling all over the HAPIfork from HAPILABS rather than, say, a massage table (legitimate, readers!!) Yes, it was a CES finalist. Yes, it’s a great ‘little engine that could’ story involving a young entrepreneur with a charming French accent. Yes, it’s buzzy because it’s buzzes (literally) if you are eating too fast and uploads your consumption metrics to your smartphone. But it’s a gadget….which still needs funding, which undoubtedly it will get. Launching February on Kickstarter with a Q2 to-market projected (in time for Valentine’s Day?) The Fork That Buzzed CES 2013 (Forbes)

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  1. Donna Cusano--Editor

    Does anyone here think this 1st edition of the HAPIfork itself needs to go on a diet? It’s a little kludgy, and may actually slow down eating–which is the point. ;-)