Breathing monitoring, Google Glassing, AngelListing at Rock Health’s Demo Day

The Rock Health accelerator premiered its fifth class of startup/early stage companies last week. The most interesting are the assistive technologies developed by Lift Labs in devices for everyday use–a spoon that counteracts the effect of active tremors; the Spire clip-on breathing monitoring device that takes an additional step into biofeedback and stress management (the similar BreathResearch was in TTA 24 Sept); the Google Glass-powered Augmedix service for doctors that serves up patient information during exams; ThriveOn which creates an on-demand 8-12 week custom-built programs for mental health issues. Rock Health also announced its alliance with AngelList to create a special fund for accredited investors to fund their V5 graduating class of startups. This is now permitted by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) under new regulations that now let startups advertise their funding needs per the JOBS Act. Rock Health startups Spire and Augmedix show wearable tech’s applications beyond fitness (Gigaom), A Spoon Full Of Sensors To Help Parkinson’s Patients Feed Themselves (FastCompany Design), Rock Health Partners with AngelList To Help Fund Its V5 Graduate Class (HITConsultant). Also VentureBeat.

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