Relax, it’s (not) just a breathing monitor headset

breath monitor treadmillA headset which monitors the quality of your breathing is being developed by BreathResearch, a San Francisco Bay area start-up.

Combined with a mobile app, the ‘Breath Acoustics’ headset listens to your breathing and analyzes the patterns. Sensor-based breath monitoring may be a less commonly monitored biometric pattern but recent studies suggest it could be used to detect stress levels, bacterial infections and other conditions. The headset also presents other biometric data, including heart rate, pulse oximetry, and respiration. 

The idea is that we can begin to de-stress a little more when presented with what is hopefully actionable data. Or for the fitness enthusiasts among us, important metabolic thresholds can be gauged to improve performance and recover from injury or illness.

The company has already released a mobile app, called MyBreath that measures and tracks breathing using a regular headset, but now hopes to provide even more comprehensive and accurate breathing analysis with its new headset. Earlier this month, they launched a crowdfunding campaign for the device which has currently raised over 50% of its $30,000 target. Read more in GigaOM and PSFK.

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