The ultimate ‘comfy sensor patch’–an implant

[grow_thumb image=”” thumb_width=”175″ /]John A. Rogers and his ‘skunkworks’, take notice. From the design shop that brought you Fitbit, NewDealDesign (FDR would be puzzled), comes the next big step in wearables–a sensor patch concept which would be implanted in your hand and multi-task till the cows come home. Project Underskin would detect fitness levels, vital signs such as blood glucose or body temperature, unlock your door or pre-authorize your credit card. The curved implant (above) would be somewhat decorative or aesthetic, run off your body’s electro-chemical energy, not need batteries, and have a public view (the outside of your hand near your wrist) and a private one (inside your palm) that along with the shape of the device would somehow keep your data private. The NewDealers envision this sub-cutaneous sensor as buildable within five years. The animated photos give a better idea of how the sensor would appear in use. FastCompany Co.Design

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