1. “The rather chilling example of how a PHR could pick up EHR patient notes data not meant to be seen by the patient” made an alarm bell go off in my head.

    Just what type of data should appropriately be withheld from the patient? Whose data is it? Maybe doctors think patients are too stupid to have access to their own data. There is nothing chilling about a patient learning everything about their own health.

  2. Donna Cusano

    Hi John–read further in the article. It’s the kind of information that needs to be best discussed with the patient, not read in a PHR. It’s the same with genomic data–the 23andMe approach which is ‘just the facts’ can be devastating and misused versus empowering (getting counseling to know what the real risks are).. As we do more with patient data, including decision support, things will go into the record which require interpretation. It’s something to consider.