The doctor’s dilemma: I hate my EHR, but is it worth the ‘rip and replace’? (US)

[grow_thumb image=”” thumb_width=”150″ /]Will this doctor be able to replace his hair? Confirming EHR misery for doctors, this article in Healthcare Technology Online gives more details on the Black Book Rankings’ 2013 State of the Ambulatory EHR Market report that we presented back in February when early findings were released. Out of their 17,000 users from solo practitioners to 100+ doctor practices, 31 percent of respondents were dissatisfied enough with their EHR to consider making a change with 18% seeking to change systems within the next year. Poor usability led the reasons why. But there’s 84 percent plus queasiness about vendor viability, reasonable when there are 600+ vendors and a number have already gone out of business leaving their practices stranded. The basics aren’t enough–must-haves are support for mobile devices (80 percent), data sharing and integration (83 percent)  and patient portal (58 percent). And it has to be Web-based/SaaS  based (70 percent). One detail: confirmation of the anecdotal ‘we jumped too fast to get the Meaningful Use money’.  #EHRbacklash, indeed. 

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  1. Agree, current tek is outmoded and dated, time for new opensource. :)
    Let’s see where #Glass, #MYO, #scanadu, and #chromecast take us!