Telemedicine and the law (UK-mostly)

This item is an oddity because it is undated and was part of a thesis written for someone’s Master in Laws (LLM) at Cardiff Law School. Although UK- and EU-focused, includes examples from the US and other places and it is a potentially useful reminder of the principles of law relating to the practice of telemedicine and telehealth. It covers topics such as consent, confidentiality and malpractice owing to equipment failure. Most interesting is the final paragraph which points out that once a particular way of working becomes the ‘accepted practice’ then doctors can be negligent if they choose not to use it – and that the adoption of technologies can become widespread quite quickly. Now that has interesting implications for telehealth and its adoption. Emedicine & Telemedicine Law Info.

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  1. Paul Harper

    Looks like the work of Ben Stanberry who has also written various articles on the topic. I recall he has also won various awards for his work.

  2. Steve Hards, Editor

    @Paul. Thanks, it looks like you are right. I’ve been trying to contact him to confirm. If so, it dates back to 1996, but I guess the principles have not changed too much :-)


  3. J Lindberg

    Does anyone know if there any UK/English laws on telemedicine in UK/England? Not on things around it like confidentiality, MDD etc, but what medical care services can/cannot be done via use of telemedicine/telehealth?