150 Health 2.0 presentations online

Last month’s Health 2.0 three-day conference in San Francisco appears to be almost totally on video, with presentations ranging from 5 minutes to over 1/2 hour. The 15 pages include demos, keynotes and interviews. Warning–don’t use the categories at the upper right hand corner or the sidebar to try to sort through them, because these group together multiple meetings by topic. Everything you wanted to know about Quantified Selfing, patient communities (PatientsLikeMe, Medivizor), HIT, EMRs, employer wellness programs (Keas), discussing end of life care (Blaine Warkentine’s Vimty) as well as other ‘unmentionables’ like vulnerability, caregiving, social support, death, sex, taxes. Quite a few on the US health insurance exchange which was going to lead Americans to The New Healthcare Jerusalem in a few days. Somehow GetInsured.com manages to calculate possible individual insurance savings in two-three screens, though you have to call about insurance. Tim Kelsey, the NHS National Director for Patients and Information, announces £1 billion in a technology fund hereHealth 2.0 San Francisco 2013.

Health 2.0 Fall Conference 2013

29 September – 2 October 2013, Santa Clara (California) Convention Center

The 7th Annual Health 2.0 national conference will be held in the heart of Silicon Valley. It is 2 1/2 days and the ‘carefully curated lineup’ will feature the role of consumers, big data and health care marketplaces. The Health IT Startup Showcase is staged like ‘The Voice’, Tim Kelsey of NHS England is a speaker and the demo ‘bake-off’ Launch! is on Day 2, and Day 3 features Health 2.0 Around The World.  Information, agenda, registration link.

Google Glass through a doctor’s eyes

John Halamka, MD, CTO of Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital in Boston, writes about his experience testing Glass in the clinical environment and sees five useful areas–documentation, alerts and reminders, ED dashboards supplementing or displacing tablets, decision support (Watson, anyone?) “Just as the iPad has become the chosen form factor for clinicians today, I can definitely see a day when computing devices are more integrated into the clothing or body of the clinician.”  Not the Object of Evil painted by the consumer IT gearheads and privacy advocates.  Perhaps an ideal place for this? But is this Editor the only one who finds that ‘Meaningful Use Stage 2’ compliance (assistive technology) in the #1 position a bit odd?  The Health Care Blog (Health 2.0) Hat tip to reader Bob Pyke via LinkedIn.

New York, New York, it’s a health tech town (Part 3/wrapup)

Part 3: When is a Summit only a hill? And The Pioneers overload the Conestoga Wagons.

(Disclosure: TTA was a media partner of DHS at CEWeek. We also remain a proud sponsor of and provide volunteer services for Health 2.0 NYC, the presenter of Healthcare Pioneers. Our readers should know that these relationships do not exclude this Editor from noting the thick and thin of both events, not rendered in pale pastels.)

Digital Health Summit @ CEWeek

Four floors up from a busy show floor, and after interviewing Tal Givoly, CEO and Oren Fuerst, PhD, Executive Chairman, of startup health information company Medivizor (Part 2), assistants moved attendees into the room for the start of the New York/CEWeek edition of the Digital Health Summit at 11:30 am. It opened with a fairly anodyne presentation by the Executive Director of the NYC Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC),   (more…)

New York, New York…it’s a health tech town (Part 1)

New York, New York, a helluva town.
The Bronx is up, but the Battery’s down.
The people ride in a hole in the groun’.
New York, New York, it’s a helluva town!

From ‘On The Town’, lyrics Betty Comden/Adolph Green, music Leonard Bernstein

Last week’s three events convinced even The Gimlet Eye that New York City is finally a helluva town for many things eHealthy. There were full houses at both Health 2.0’s Matchpoint|East and Health 2.0 NYC’s first-ever Healthcare Pioneers: Healthcare 2020. CE Week, presented by the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA), prominently featured health tech on the packed show floor and hosted the Digital Health Summit (DHS). Matchpoint|East is our starting point in Part 1. (more…)

Pilot HealthTech NYC winners

The Pilot HealthTech NYC program, which paired health tech innovators with NYC-based providers [TTA 15 March], announced their ten winners on Friday. The companies are: AdhereTech, eCaring, Rip Road, Vital Care Services, BioDigital, Flatiron Health, Sense Health, Bio-Signal Group, Opticology and StarlingHealth. The companies are provided with up to $100,000 each for their pilot projects. A listing of companies and partners is on the Pilot HealthTech website and a summary of the partnerships on StartUp Health’s blog (StartUp Health a program collaborator with Blueprint Health and Health 2.0). Examples:

  • StarlingHealth and VillageCare of NYC will place touchscreen tablets (in eight languages) by residents’ bedsides at VillageCare Rehabilitation and Nursing Center. The tablets will deliver education materials to residents, send requests and real-time feedback to administrators. Wall Street Journal/release.
  • eCaring and Pace University will use the eCaring care management/monitoring system for six months with a randomly selected group of chronically ill, multicultural older adults in Henry Street Settlement’s Vladeck Cares Naturally Occurring Retirement Community (NORC). eCaring release
  • Pace University is also partnering with Vital Care Services, a telehealth provider, to provide services for six months to test the effectiveness of telehealth with diverse communities. This will combine both telehealth monitoring sent to a Pace RN with visits from Pace student technicians to assist with the monitoring process. Pace release.

Health 2.0 MatchPoint|East

New York City, NY Times Building, Tuesday 25 June

Also for the NY metro area on the day before the main CEWeek activities is Health 2.0’s MatchPoint|East, a half-day conference with speakers and workshops led by health tech innovators. Topics range from funding (angel, accelerator, crowdfunding), building your IP portfolio and partnerships/collaborations. Agenda here and registration here (a very reasonable $49.00 including closing reception.) This Editor will be attending and reporting. Follow Twitter on @health2con.