3D printed iPhone stethoscope–by 15 year old

[grow_thumb image=”https://telecareaware.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/03/product-img1.jpg” thumb_width=”150″ /]Give a 15 year old with a cardiologist father a 3D printer and voilá, you get a stethoscope that snaps on to the back of an iPhone. The diaphragm on the back of the Steth IO channels the low frequency sound of a heartbeat through a network of tubes leading to the microphone, and an app visualizes and records heartbeat. Data can then be sent to EMRs and telemedicine consults. Suman Mulumudi, the designer from Seattle, designed the first version of the case in two weeks and has now formed his own company, Stratoscientific. According to Digital Trendsthe Steth IO is now going through FDA approval.

AliveCor links with Practice Fusion

Breathlessly noted in today’s mHealth blogosphere is AliveCor’s partnership announcement with EHR giant Practice Fusion to integrate their patient-generated ECG information. According to the release, the 100,000 physician base of Practice Fusion will have the option to import AliveCor ECG data into patient records. This is a major breakthrough for AliveCor, which just gained FDA over-the-counter clearance for its snap-on case [TTA 11 Feb]. The AliveECG app also enables physicians to obtain an expert review of the ECG data, annotate and electronically transfer this data into the EHR within seconds. Is this the confirmation that AliveCor is the ‘product of the year’ as the Forbes article puts it? Or just an indicator where mHealth with clinical quality could be going?  (Let’s see if other EHRs like Athenahealth join the trend.) Release

Medtronic’s telehealth strategy begins to emerge (UK & US)

Hot on the heels of our two recent posts (12 August and 27 August) on Medtronic’s takeover of Cardiocom, maker of telehealth devices, came the news in the FT yesterday that Medtronic had won cardiology management contracts with NHS hospitals (University Hospital of South Manchester NHS Trust and Imperial College  Healthcare NHS Trust).  They will also develop local cardiac services.

Now in an article today, Fierce Medical Devices explains how the two fit together (more…)