Swedish research on GPS tracking with people with dementia

As part of the publicly-funded Trygge Spor research project, more than fifty people with dementia have been using GPS for periods from several weeks to up to a year. The results show that “localisation technology helps achieve an increased sense of security, freedom and quality of life, both for sufferers and their next of kin.” The results are being presented now at a major seminar held at Gardermoen, and will be followed throughout 2013 by scientific articles. Dementia sufferers benefit from GPS. SINTEF. It will be interesting to see over the coming months the types of technology they have tested and the different results received as well as their ideas on what a whole service will look like. Mike Burton, Telecare Officer, Hull City Council.

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  1. The use of GPS is just one of the location technologies available. It will indeed be interesting to understand the types of devices and technologies used – PLEASE – hopefully not ‘another black box’ type tracker? Argyll has trialled many of these and although functional, they are hardly aesthetically pleasing and nor are they aspirational.