Nominations wanted for our 10th year

[grow_thumb image=”” thumb_width=”250″ /]You may have noticed from our header above that it is the 10th year of Telehealth & Telecare Aware’s service to the industry. To mark our anniversary, we intend to invite leaders in the field to reflect on the past ten years and (if they dare!) to speculate on the next ten.

But first we would like you, dear Reader, to become involved in the process. Think for a moment…exactly who would you like to hear from? Whose views do you think best represent the last decade of changes taking place in healthcare and technology, improving (we hope!) care delivery, personal safety and well being?

Please post nominations as a comment or email Editor Donna.

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  1. Lysa Morrison

    Great suggestions so far which also in part echo my own. My nominations are Alyson Bell, Malcolm Fisk, Kevin Doughty, Mike Clark and Stuart Revell from TechUK. I think its really important that we get a balanced yet informed mix of views.

  2. I am honoured to be nominated by my colleagues in this industry.
    So I would be happy to offer my predictions for the world of Telehealth and Telecare in 2025 – how many words and when is the article needed?
    I too celebrate 10 years of Telecare Aware which has become a fantastic and independence source of knowledge and debate for the industry.
    Coincidentally, this year is the 20th anniversary of the writing of the paper “Three Generations of Telecare of the Elderly”. It seems like only yesterday! But despite the enormous progress is sensors, telecommunications,, consumer electronics, and Information Technology, the third generation of telecare remains something of a novelty.

    • Hi Kevin,

      Thanks for responding so positively and thanks for your kind comments about TTA!

      Donna is away for a couple of days at the moment but she will be in touch with you shortly. I’m anticipating that there will be no specific length requirement – write as little or as much as you need. We know that whatever it is will be insightful and entertaining!


  3. Last decade was about top-down service ‘delivery’. Delivery is for pizzas. Next decade will be about (1) people ‘accessing’ services in ways that suit them; and (2) service ‘provision’.

    STOP PRESS: Coming next month – the new 2015 International Code of Practice for Telehealth Services … changing the way we think about telecare and telehealth; changing the way we do things.

    And yes … a really positive vote for TTA. It’s great to have that ‘private eye’ to keep us informed. Long may it last!