News roundup: AliveCor launches FDA-cleared Kardia 12L ECG, eVisit buys UPMC’s inpatient teleconsult, UPMC and MedStar invest; NeueHealth gains $150M loan–with caveats–and NYSE non-compliance notice

AliveCor shrinks 12-lead ECG to a single cable with AI-assisted detection for 35 cardiac determinations. The just-cleared by FDA system for clinicians combines the Kardia 12L ECG System (left), a single cable with five electrodes that acquires 8 high-quality diagnostic bandwidth leads, with the KAI 12L AI-assisted diagnostic technology. KAI uses a deep neural network-machine learning AI model to interpret ECG data acquired and validated on more than 1.75 million ECGs from leading US medical centers. It can make 35 cardiac determinations–14 arrhythmias and 21 morphologies–that include acute myocardial infarction (MI) and the most common types of cardiac ischemia. The Kardia 12L is battery-powered, weighs about 1/3 of a pound, and fits into a typical lab coat pocket.

12-lead ECG is considered the standard of ECG readings. A pocket system of this type puts this in reach of clinics, rural health, urgent care offices, and employer clinics. It requires minimal self-guided training and doesn’t require patients to fully disrobe. Release, Mass Device

Telehealth provider eVisit acquiring UPMC’s inpatient teleconsult technology–along with investments from UPMC and MedStar Health. This ‘hat trick’ adds hospital inpatient telehealth capability to eVisit’s health system-focused telehealth triage, provider-to-provider consults, and scheduled telehealth visits. The teleconsults serve inpatient care across five services: stroke, neurology, critical care, psychology, and toxicology. Both UPMC and current client MedStar Health (from the 2023 Bluestream Health acquisition, TTA 27 Apr 2023) are also investing in eVisit, adding an undisclosed amount to eVisit’s 2021 $45 million Series B. (Another way of saying ‘unlettered raise’?) Release, FierceHealthcare

And would this month be complete without items from the Dean of Dodging Disaster, Creating its Own New Reality, the one and only NeueHealth? The first is that Hercules Capital is giving them a second term loan facility (Loan and Security Agreement) of up to $150 million over three years that is, to be polite, hedged with qualifications. 

  • Tranche #1 is available on closing: $30 million
  • Tranche #2, $25 million, will be available only for a limited time– 10 November through 31 December 2024. It is also dependent on Molina making its final payment to NeueHealth for the Medicare Advantage plans they bought–a payment dependent in turn on those plans achieving plan performance ratings ( the “2025 Stars Condition”).
  • Tranche #3 of $45 million will be available from 5 February 2025 to 15 September 2025. But it is contingent after paying off what is owed in connection with the ACO REACH Model for performance years 2023 and earlier, payment in full of the CMS Settlement (as defined in the Loan and Security Agreement) and the Company having at least $22.5 million of unrestricted cash and cash equivalents.
  • Tranche #4: up to $50.0 million and available until 21 June 2027
  • The loan matures on 1 June 2028

Release 24 June, SEC Form 8-K, FierceHealthcare

The second is that the loan could not have come at a more needed time, as NeueHealth received a non-compliance notice from the NYSE on 16 June. It fell below an average market capitalization of $50 million for 30 consecutive trading days, with their last reported stockholders’ equity also below $50 million. It has 45 days to submit a business plan to remedy it within 18 months. NeueHealth’s preferred stock had a value of $920.4 million as of 31 March 2024 but is excluded from the NYSE calculations of common stockholder equity. NeueHealth closed today at $5.23.

This is in addition to a $30 million loan from current 60% majority shareholder NEA [TTA 16 Apr].

Along with tying Gordian knots masterfully and playing multiple ends against the middle, one wonders what management does all day at their new offices in Doral, Florida? Avoiding Chapter 11? Golfing? Surfing?

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