‘Good’ dermatology consult app to launch 1 May

Contrasting with Editor Charles’ ‘bad apps’ that made spurious claims on detecting dangerous melanomas is Pittsburgh-area Iagnosis’ ‘DermatologistsOnCall’ app set to launch 1 May on iOS and Android. This app is a virtual consult which will be available in 18 states. Currently it is available as an online service to Highmark commercial insurance members in Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Delaware, who provide a brief history, information on the condition and upload photos to a secure website. A board-certified dermatologist reviews, then provides a diagnosis, comprehensive treatment plan, prescriptions and if needed, an in-office referral for $45 (Highmark) and $59 (private).  Present turnarounds average about 12 hours. To date they have raised an admittedly modest $2.8 million as part of a $7.25 million Series A preferred stock/debt conversion round, according to the Pittsburgh Business Times. Also MedCityNews and CrunchBase.

Tele-dermatology seems popular but funding remains modest, with Germany’s Klara recently raising $2.5 million from four investors. Its free app is similar to Iagnosis’ with the ability to send pictures and communicate with a dermatologist. When doctors charge for optional visits, Klara receives a commission. It launched in German-speaking markets in early 2014, and since last summer is now in 30 US states. Mobihealthnews.

Telemedicine is slowly but surely gaining in the US, but it is a state-by-state slog. 36 states have 100 telemedicine bills in their respective legislatures–with different definitions of licensed provider practice standards, coverage and payment options. ATA state telemedicine reports page Another barrier is cross-licensing of physicians by state. Reciprocity is limited, with certain states like California, Texas, Arkansas and Massachusetts considered to have the most difficult licensing for physicians. On the other hand, the most ‘reasonable’ states were Oregon, Wyoming, Pennsylvania and Montana. Study published in Telemedicine and eHealth/release on C3O Telemedicine

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  1. Congratulations to Iagnosis. While a “state-by-state slog” can be frustrating (and expensive), that’s what we had to go through (and continue to go through) with teleradiology due to licensing rules.