Free research report on the state of mHealth apps

research2guidance has published the 2014 (fourth) edition of mHealth App Developer Economics with an in-depth market analysis on the current status and future impact of mHealth app publishing. Some findings of the global study:

  • Revenue achieved $2.4 billion in 2013 and projected to be $26 billion by 2017, derived primarily on a subscription model from services.
  • Surprisingly, mHealth app publishers and “wannabes’ (planning to release soon) by the numbers target chronically ill patients (31 percent) with the top being diabetes and obesity, with the greatest potential cost benefit on nonadherence and hospital readmission–then health and fitness (28 percent). The B2B market presently is composed primarily of physicians, targeted by 14 percent of app developers, but the five year outlook is that physicians and hospitals will develop into the primary distribution channel.
  • mHealth app publishers fall into six groups: traditional healthcare players (with the furthest to go in development), helpers, mobile app specialists, connectors, medical and fitness specialists.
  • It’s new and relatively small-scale. mHealth app publishers have released seven mHealth apps on average, 36 percent entered only this year and last. And when it is a hit, it is big: while the vast majority (82 percent) have generated less than 50,000 downloads, the top 5% reached more than 500,000 downloads.
  • 67 percent of mHealth publishers see developed countries as their main market, but a significant number (33 percent) also see great potential in developing and least developed countries.

The free report is available for download here (brief registration required).

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      Debra–I have not posted your comment with your email. Please see link in article above for the free download. They do require registration. Thanks for your interest in this report and TTA!