Clacton’s mystery tack attack scuppers mobility scooters (UK)

(On the lighter, lower-tech side–there are stories that just ask for alliteration running amok, with a few bad puns in tow–Ed. Donna)

[grow_thumb image=”” thumb_width=”150″ /]Who Is The Tack Saboteur? In the traditional English seaside town of Clacton-on-Sea in Essex, there are quite a few resident pensioners (US=retirees) who use mobility scooters. According to the Telegraph (PDF), Clacton, in fact, has one of the highest numbers of what are also called disability buggies. The Telegraph and the local Clacton Gazette report that someone is not tossing out welcoming rose petals on the sidewalks but new half-inch roofing tacks. This tack (not hack) attack has been keeping local repair shops in the chips repairing punctured tyre tubes, with at least 15 buggy blowouts reported in two weeks. According to a local disability campaigner, it’s revenge on scooterers, who seem to have earned a poor driving reputation on Clacton’s sidewalks. Here’s hoping the local police track down the tacky person who is doing this. On the other hand, buggy driving lessons may also be in order. Hat tip to reader John Boden of ElderIssues (FL), who is alarmed at the prospect of out-of-control buggy drivers.

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