LogicMark’s Guardian Alert 911

An interesting product positioned half-way conceptually between Alertacall’s Safety Confirmation Service and a full-blown call center service. A product for fairly independent people and, as noted in Telecare Aware last March, being sold through the Winn-Dixie supermarket chain in the US as well as directly by LogicMark. Visit this website link to view a Guardian Alert 911 video. (Also in the Video Library)

New video: Telecare – Providing Dignity, Security and Efficiency (UK)

Just released ‘must see’ video on aspects of telecare by eGovTV. It covers:
• Expert Panel – Telecare Opportunities: 7 min
• Case Study- Notts Care Services – Award Winning Telecare: 6 min
• Case Study- Cheshire County Mainstreams Telecare: 8 min
• Case Study- Safety Confirmation – A New Approach to Telecare: 5 min
• Policy Drivers and Initiatives: 3 min
• Clarifying the Terminology: 4 min
• Service and Technology Options: 4 min
• Procurement through PASA: 3 min
• PTG Preventative Technology Grant: 2 min
• Key Challenges: 7 min
• Local Authority Progress to Date: 7 min
• The Future for Telecare: 6 min

More, and viewing link, on the videos page.

Scotty Group equips Holland’s biggest telehealth project (+ video)

According to this British Journal of Healthcare Computing article, Scotty Group plc made an initial delivery of equipment to Dutch telecoms provider KPN in October, as part of a €1.5m telehealth deal with KPN signed in July.

See a seven-and-a-half minute video of the Scotty Dutch project on the Home Telehealth Ltd. website. Navigate from the home page to videos and ‘CareStation – TV based homehealthcare’. There are also two other video clips of Scotty video telehealth solutions in operation. Peter Range, of Home Telehealth says ‘As one of Scotty’s largest telehealth partners in the UK, we would be pleased to assist any of your readers who may have an interest in this telecare/telehealth solution. Also for the record, Joop Wallenburg, presented this video last Wednesday at the TSA conference in Cardiff, but in Dutch, so any TSA delegates who now want to see it in English can now do so.’

Westminster – Cisco’s Wireless City (UK)

This addition to the video library should give ammunition to all who are looking for substantial investment in telecare, along the lines that London Borough of Newham intends.

The video itself shows how Westminster invested many millions in wireless CCT systems to help keep its citizens and visitors safe on the streets. How about a similar spend to keep them safe in their homes? You need to be flash enabled and turn your sound on to view the Wireless City video on the Cisco website. (6:30 mins) (May take a few moments to load.)