AdhereTech pill dispenser adds wireless network provider

[grow_thumb image=”” thumb_width=”175″ /]AdhereTech’s compact pill bottle for medications that need extra minding for accurate dosing beyond the usual ‘med reminder’ has just acquired a wireless backbone through KORE Telematics. AdhereTech, which was accelerated through Blueprint Health and is based out of StartUp Health here in NYC, has received some recent awards but is still in the lengthy clinical trials phase with Walter Reade Army Medical Center for patients using Type 2 diabetes medications and with Weill Cornell Medical College for single-dose HIV medication. KORE has provided M2M wireless services for Meridian Health [TTA 24 June 11] but hasn’t been prominent in health tech of late based on their press.  Smart pill bottle developers ink deal with wireless network provider KORE (MedCityNews)  KORE press release

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