Smart pill bottles 2.0

[grow_thumb image=”” thumb_width=”150″ /]Back in 2009, this Editor was wowed by pill container-reminder Vitality GlowCaps, and has been cheered by its recent developments in developing a reminder pouch for non-pill medications. Now NYC-based startup AdhereTech adds to the med reminder picture through a specially designed compact bottle for pills or liquids that not only has lights, speakers and a built-in 45-day-long battery, but also is fully M2M–each bottle connects from anywhere via cellular 3G and LTE with no base station required. Thus the containers can be used by those ‘on the go’. Sensors in the containers also measure humidity and opening/closing–but what’s new here is providing a measurement of pills/liquids remaining in the bottle. This is done by measuring the capacitance, or stored charge, along the container walls, without actually touching the meds. Alerts are planned to be customizable in type and style (lights, chimes, emails, text). Testing is planned initially with Walter Reed Army Medical Center, Wake Forest University and University of Pennsylvania against standard containers on whether it increases adherence for a variety of disease conditions. The AdhereTech team is initially targeting use of the containers for specialty medications which require accurate dosing and where adherence is critical. Thanks to founders Josh Stein and Michael Morena for clarifications. This Pill Bottle Is a Smartphone Wannabe (Wired)

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