What do 65+ really want? Travel the world.

For those of us who develop and implement technologies to assist–and marketers who appeal to–the 65+ market (and in reality those 55+), the aspirations spotlighted in this ‘bucket list’ illustrate this age group’s current mindset a lot better than the usual picture sketched in much of the consumer and healthcare press of the obese, bundle o’ chronic conditions and chronically ‘needy’ older adult. Centra Pulse, the telecare arm of non-profit Circle Housing with 125,000 customers, surveyed over 2,000 65+ UK adults and came up with a ‘top 40’ (just like the old radio hit lists) must-do list. Some are ambitious (#1, 3, 4) and others are prosaic (#2, 9, 11). Listing top 15 here:

  1. Travel the world
  2. See my family settled
  3. Live to 100
  4. Write a bestselling novel
  5. Win the lottery
  6. Buy a house
  7. Learn a language
  8. Be financially secure
  9. Become a grandparent
  10. See my favourite sport team play one more time
  11. Provide for my family
  12. Learn to fly
  13. Buy a classic car
  14. Learn to play a musical instrument
  15. See the Northern Lights

My favorite is #34, Fly in a Spitfire or Lancaster. Take a look at their creative and amusing infographic first for the examples, but second for how this format can communicate memorably.

Yet 40 percent still fear losing their independence as they grow older. Another factor with which marketers and those who provide services to older adults must realistically contend. Express (UK)  CentraPulse website  On Twitter #lifebeginsat65 (but don’t tell Ezekiel Emanuel, who wants us all to kick the bucket at 75!)

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  1. There is only problem with this wish list and that is that number 4 (Win the lottery). It is the actual financial plan the greatest majority are using to be able to do the rest of the things on their list.