Tender Alert: Circle Anglia–Centra seeking e-commerce provider

Our Reader Susanne Woodman has once again tipped our UK Readers to another opportunity related to telecare, this one with Circle Anglia and Centra which provide telecare and housing services in the UK. Centra is looking for an e-commerce system. The value of the tender excluding VAT is £120,000. According to the tender, Circle Housing would like to conduct soft market testing w/c 5 December at its Tower View Offices with the contract to be published in January 2017. More information is here on the TED-Tenders Electronic Daily website. Email Michelle Saunders for a further information document at michelle.saunders2@circle.org.uk

What do 65+ really want? Travel the world.

For those of us who develop and implement technologies to assist–and marketers who appeal to–the 65+ market (and in reality those 55+), the aspirations spotlighted in this ‘bucket list’ illustrate this age group’s current mindset a lot better than the usual picture sketched in much of the consumer and healthcare press of the obese, bundle o’ chronic conditions and chronically ‘needy’ older adult. Centra Pulse, the telecare arm of non-profit Circle Housing with 125,000 customers, surveyed over 2,000 65+ UK adults and came up with a ‘top 40’ (just like the old radio hit lists) must-do list. Some are ambitious (#1, 3, 4) and others are prosaic (#2, 9, 11). Listing top 15 here:

  1. Travel the world
  2. See my family settled
  3. Live to 100
  4. Write a bestselling novel
  5. Win the lottery
  6. Buy a house
  7. Learn a language
  8. Be financially secure (more…)

1 in 6 over 65s may hide serious issues from their friends & family (UK survey)

After commissioning new research, Centra Pulse, formerly Invicta Telecare, found that one-in-six over 65s in the UK (around 1.5 million) may have hidden a serious injury, illness or accident from friends and family. Of these, 12% said they thought they would be seen as incapable of looking after themselves. More than two thirds didn’t want to worry friends and family.

Centra has therefore launched a new online “ten top tips” guide to help families tackle difficult conversations with their older relatives about their care.

The full results of the survey are now available online here.  Two statistics that particularly deserve a quote are:

“While 40% of over-65s Centra surveyed said they worry life may get more difficult as they age, two thirds (65%) haven’t seriously thought about the type of care they would prefer in the past five years. Less than one in three (28%) have had a conversation about what they would want to happen if they couldn’t look after themselves.

But nearly two thirds (62%) said their child would be someone they would turn to if they needed to talk about their care needs. More said they would turn to their son or daughter than go to their partner (59%), doctor (53%) or a friend (18%).”

The survey was carried out online by YouGov Plc for Centra.  Total sample size was 2,003 British adults aged 65 and over. Fieldwork was undertaken between 19th July 2013 – 23rd July 2013.