Week 2: Change Healthcare’s BlackCat hack may last “for the next couple of weeks”, UHG provides temp funding to providers, AHA slams it as a ‘band aid”–but did Optum already pay BlackCat a $22M ransom? (updated)

The BlackCat/ALPHV ransomware attack on Change Healthcare’s systems continues. At this point, the Optum systems website doesn’t show anything other than a chronological trail of updates and a long list in very small gray type of Change Healthcare systems affected–no more individual checks on working systems and red Xs on the ones that weren’t. 

  • UnitedHealth Group is setting up a program to loan funds, the “Temporary Funding Assistance Program,” to providers who cannot receive payments while Change systems are down. While without fees or interest, the loans will have to be repaid.
  • In a Tuesday 27 Feb conference call with hospital cybersecurity officers reported by STAT, UHG Chief Operating Officer Dirk McMahon said that the program will continue “for the next couple of weeks as this continues to go on.” This is more of a timeline than UHG has otherwise disclosed.
  • The American Hospital Association (AHA) on Monday slammed the “Temporary Funding Assistance Program” as “not even a band-aid on the payment problems” that hospitals are experiencing. The program is, in their view 1) “available to an exceedingly small number of hospitals and health systems” and with “shockingly onerous” and “one-sided contractual terms” and conditions for payback and verification through access to claims payment data. For their members, “their financial future becomes more unpredictable the longer Change Healthcare is unavailable. UnitedHealth Group, which is a Fortune 5 company that brought in more than $370 billion in revenue and $22 billion in profit in 2023, can — and should — be doing more to address the far-reaching consequences that result from Change Healthcare’s inability to provide these essential hospital revenue cycle functions nearly two weeks after the attack.” 4 March letter to UHG   AHA maintains an update page for members and other providers.
  • US Senator Chuck Schumer wrote 1 March to the Center for Medicare and Medicare Services (CMS) requesting that CMS accelerate payments to hospitals, pharmacies and other providers. Also Becker’s
  • AHA wrote 4 March to all four Congressional leaders detailing the effect on providers, UHG’s assistance program’s inadequacies, and requesting assistance from HHS including requesting “Medicare Administrative Contractors to prioritize and expedite review and approval of hospital requests for Medicare advanced payments.”  

Update: According to First Health Advisory, a cybersecurity firm in healthcare, some large providers are losing $100 million daily because of the interruptions to Change/Optum’s payer systems. CNN, Becker’s

And BlackCat went All Quiet on the Ransomware Front. Bleeping Computer confirmed that BlackCat turned off their servers and took their negotiation website offline over the weekend. “The Tox messaging platform used by the BlackCat ransomware operator contained a message that does does not provide any details about what the gang plans next: “Все выключено, решаем,” which translates to “Everything is off, we decide.”” It has now been changed to “GG”.

This may or may not be related to another development–an affiliate of BlackCat/ALPHV claiming that they were scammed of a $22 million ransomware payment from Optum. These affiliates actually carry out the attacks on cybervictims using encryptors from the main entity. Dmitry Smilyanets of threat intelligence company Recorded Future picked up a message posted by “notchy” that said Change/Optum paid $22 million on 1 March to “prevent leakage and decryption key.” ALPHV suspended their account after receiving the payment and never paid them. This affiliate also claims they still have 4 terabytes of data from Change that goes deep into Tricare, Medicare, MetLife, CVS, and many other payers. As proof on the ransom, “notchy” provided a cryptocurrency payment address with a total of nine transactions. In the ultimate irony, “notchy” warned other affiliates to stop dealing with ALPHV. Cutting off affiliate ties and walking away with the cash, preliminary to another rebrand of BlackCat/ALPHV, formerly DarkSide and Black Matter? Also The Registerand DataBreaches.net–which commented that while Optum may have gotten a decryptor, what about All That Data?

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