WebMD goes mobile, at last, with Qualcomm

Timed for the HIMSS annual conference kickoff today in New Orleans, health information giant WebMD announced a collaboration with Qualcomm Life’s 2Net platform to integrate mobile device data for consumers with WebMD’s information resources. The press release phrases buzz and buzz:  “drive mass adoption of a quantified-self environment” (yes), “apps, devices and tools… to better understand and manage their health”, “connected, automated and seamless data collection experience”, “first-in-class health channels to enhance our multi-screen experiences.”  But given WebMD’s sinking relevance as the go-to place for consumer and provider health information,  and its PHR (which may or may not be included with this) under fire for patent infringement by MMRGlobal [TA 20 Feb], is all this added “context and insight” too little, too late? (Even with Eric Topol, MD now Editor in Chief of WebMD’s Medscape)  WebMD/Qualcomm press releasemHIMSS

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