UKTelehealthcare launches TECS consultancy in partnership with TECS Advisory

UKTelehealthcare is partnering with TECS Advisory, one of the UK’s leading sector-specific advisory businesses, to create a Technology Enabled Care consultancy arm. The closure of the analog phone network is coming in 2025–only two years away–and many phone providers are already transitioning their systems. While UKTelehealthcare has been staging meetings and trainings for members (calendar and resources here), this consultancy can now offer a wider and more specific level of support.

Gerry Allmark, UKTelehealthcare’s Managing Director, said: “We are very happy to be working in partnership with TECS Advisory to deliver a range of consultancy services to our members and the wider TECS industry to support them in developing and growing their businesses.”

The scope of these services include: 

  • Strategic analysis
  • Evaluating services and technologies
  • Sales and marketing
  • Implementing new technologies and systems
  • Business plans
  • Improvement plans
  • Cultural change programmes
  • Bid writing/management – Specifications
  • Options appraisals
  • Mergers & acquisitions

More information on this development to serve telehealth in the UK, for clients ranging from NHS and Local Authority Housing, Health and Social Care Commissioners and Providers, Housing Associations, Residential Care Providers, and more, is on the news section of their website here. Hat tip to Gerry Allmark

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