Telehealth in pediatrics: same statement, two opposing views

Telehealth and telemedicine use in pediatrics is relatively limited at present and low profile. That may change with a statement published earlier this month in the journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP). It has been interpreted in two ways which are polar opposites. The first pictures telehealth and telemedicine as potentially practice-transforming (mHealth Intelligence), improving health outcomes in underserved communities through continuous care, and with high potential to benefit communication between the pediatric care team and patients in disease management. The second criticizes ‘episodic care in isolation’–telemedicine patient-doctor consults that take place with no previous relationship, history or physical exam (mHealth News)--as is the antithesis of the PCMH (patient-centered medical home) the AAP advocates. This Editor’s take: the statement supports both sides with a great deal of cautionary language. Pediatrics (full content).

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