TripleTree iAwards: applications open

Applications are now open through 13 March for the seventh annual TripleTree iAwards, which recognize the most innovative companies in connected health. Finalist CEOs present at the 10th annual Wireless-Life Sciences Alliance (WLSA) Convergence Summit 26-28 May in beautiful (and warm) San Diego. Previous finalists are a chronicle of the changing connected health scene: marquee names still with us (Qualcomm Life, AliveCor, GreatCall, Proteus)–and those vanished from the scene (Healthrageous, WellAWARE, Diversinet, Zeo). Information and application.

TripleTree ‘Viewpoint’ on hospital of the future

Healthcare investment bank and advisor TripleTree has produced a ‘Viewpoint’ report on ‘the hospital of the future’, examining the proposition that the place for delivery of even acute care may not be a hospital at all due to health tech, robotics and architectural innovation (this last hearkening to TTA 22 April). “High-quality healthcare is frequently described as delivering the right care to the right person at the right time in the right place. This report focuses on the right place. It describes the ongoing evolution of healthcare real estate and offers realistic insight to the characteristics of the hospital of the future.” And rather than hospitals becoming more hotel-like, hotels may become post-surgery ‘home health’ centers. Many other intriguing possibilities in this Report (free download).

WLSA announces global adoption theme for Convergence Summit

The Wireless Life Science Alliance’s Ninth Annual Convergence Summit, 14-16 May at beautiful San Diego’s Omni Hotel, will be themed around greater global adoption of technology-enabled healthcare. This marks a change from the technology-heavy early days (your Editors have been covering since at least 2010) to worldwide institutional adoption (too slow), outcomes (public health still deteriorating) and consumer engagement (limited). The Wednesday sessions are for members only, the following two days are general sessions and exhibits. Featured speakers include Jeff Arnold, founder of WebMD and now CEO of Sharecare; Dr. Leroy Hood of the Institute for Systems Biology; Ralph Simon, CEO of Mobilium Global Limited which is active in Africa; from the UK, Dale Athey, PhD, CEO & Founder of OJ-Bio Ltd. Another feature of the Summit is the announcement of the TripleTree iAwards for Connected Health winners. Twelve finalists were announced earlier this month. More information and registration.

First M&A roundup for 3rd quarter: more action, less value, whither digital health?

VC/research firm TripleTree is first out of the gate with its roundup of merger and acquisition activity in healthcare, July through September. The news and directions are mixed. Deals are up 28 percent from the two previous quarters but down 12 percent in total deal value. Most are in the healthcare facilities area with home care giant Gentiva acquiring Harden Healthcare and insurance giant Humana adding to its LTC, Medicaid/Medicare portfolio with American Eldercare. 19 healthcare companies had successful IPOs totaling ~$3 billion of transaction value. Two highlighted here are Envision Healthcare Holdings (ambulance and outsourced physician services) and Benefitfocus (benefit administration software and tracking). Given that they are the creator of the iAwards at the annual Wireless-Life Sciences Alliance in May which focuses on digital health, the decidedly non-buzzy companies getting the action here are perhaps another indicator of the funding cooling preceding M&A as projected by Rock Health back in July [TTA 9 July], with their 3rd Quarter report due out shortly.

iAwards winners announced today at WLSA

TripleTree’s iAwards were announced this afternoon (US) at the finale of this year’s Wireless-Life Science Alliance’s (WLSA) annual Convergence Summit. From a field of 12–AgaMatrix, AliveCor,  Asthmapolis, Carenet Healthcare Services, CareTicker, Change Healthcare, Cyracom, Etransmedia, Evive Health, Healthsense, Qualcomm Life and Trice Imaging–the winners are in three areas plus one: Clinical Effectiveness —Healthsense (telecare, at long last!); Consumer Engagement–AgaMatrix (diabetes management technology); Operational Effectiveness–CyraCom (on-demand language services.) In addition, special recognition was given to Asthmapolis as the recipient of its 2013 Horizon Award, recognizing ‘their unique advancements in chronic disease management via connected health’. The annual iAwards at WLSA, sponsored by healthcare investment capital firm TripleTree, honor companies demonstrating, insight, innovation, and initiative in healthcare technology. TripleTree release.

mHIMSS Convergence Summit coverage starts with the interesting conundrum of the person who will be readmitted for his/her diabetes:

Three people who’ve been newly diagnosed with diabetes are discharged from the hospital on the same day. Who’s most likely to be re-admitted soonest? That would be the one with the worst credit rating. Someone who can’t keep track of his or her finances probably won’t be able to keep up with his post-discharge regimen.–Harry Greenspun MD of Deloitte

This Editor hears Big Data calling…After all, healthy people have more fun….Putting the “fun” back into healthcare

Plus…Live/podcasted coverage of the Convergence Summit:

  • (Health Information Broadcasting Consortium). You will have to search through the lengthy menu of thumbnails below for later coverage (look for WLSA) but the first group of keynotes featuring Dirk Stanley MD, Rob McCray (WLSA), Joseph Kvedar MD (Center for Connected Health) and Chris Penrose (AT&T) is here (53:34). A second 3: 20 video with Bruno Leroy (Sanofi) is here.
  • mHealthZone Live on BlogTalkRadio: Ben Chodor has been continuing his radio podcasts on the mHealthZone now live from the WLSA: Day 1, Day 2 (today). All broadcasts approximately 35:00.

‘Nudging’ chronic condition-ers to QSing

[grow_thumb image=”” thumb_width=”150″ /]TripleTree, a VC that funds many iHealthy companies, casts a hopeful eye (certainly not a Gimlet Eye) at the consumer-driven growth of health tech and finds the steam generated by the Quantified Selfers and Fitness Addicts, stoked by the Healthcare Digerati who are not Going Surfing USA, is cooling fast and flatly. The Big Bucks are betting on ‘nudging’ (or as Aunt Lillian put it, ‘nooodging’) those diabetics, overweight couch potatoes, smokers and consumers of 72-ounce sodas, those naughty 20 percenters who spend an estimated 80 percent of US healthcare money, towards the New Jerusalem of Healthy Lifestyles and Big Savings. Of course, as the writer points out, payers and pharmas are still gathering data and documenting that increasing physical activity or sensoring med reminders, despite their Quantum of Cool, actually gets everyone to this destination and not another. One increasingly popular Road to Perdition is to introduce the refractory to the Carrot und Stick Gauntlet located at the corner of Tech, Privacy and Cost [TTA 21 March.] But the intensely blinking Big Yellow Light is that the Diabetic Experience [TTA 5 April] points out that ‘nooodging’ people to do something they don’t wanna and has uncertain, variable outcomes is not necessarily Their Road to Damascus. Personal Fitness, Chronic Condition Management and Connected Health

While The Eye takes The Road to the Beach in a 1946 Buick Super woody, Editor Donna notes the listing at the end of the article of the dozen finalists for the iAward to be announced 30 May, including AliveCor, Healthsense (a telecare system!) and Qualcomm Life.