NHS Choices Apps Library

If you Google ‘NHS Apps Library’ the early results that come back after those to the library itself are predominantly from US publications. Perhaps we in the UK under-appreciate the potential benefits. The reason I mention this is that while TTA has given the Apps Library a couple of passing mentions during the past month or two, we have not – as one sharp eyed reader pointed out – given it the attention it deserves. So, by way of amends, here are some relevant links:

Mysteriously, the 12 apps recommended in the following enthusiastic US article: UK NHS launches 12 patient decision support apps do not seem to be listed in the library. Perhaps the author mistakes the BMJ for the NHS, or perhaps they are published or endorsed by a different part of the NHS…

I’ll be happy to take recommendations for links to good articles on the Library. Ed. Steve.

Northamptonshire NHS contracts for video consultation service (UK)

The Saypage Telehealth Platform looks like an interesting addition to the number of companies providing video conferencing services to health services in the UK but the company’s announcement would get a warmer welcome from us if were not for its classic hype-it-up press release. Just because one NHS Trust has contracted for the service does not justify the implied claim that the whole NHS is rolling it out. NHS Launches Online Video Consultations Service Using Saypage Telehealth Platform. The lesson for all suppliers is to keep it real if you do not want to undermine readers’ respect.

Two more useful – Simple Telehealth – items for GPs (UK)

Nearly a month ago we posted links to GP Online two articles written by Professor Ruth Chambers for UK GPs about practical ways to use the NHS Simple Telehealth system–aka Florence or Flo. They covered hypertension and inhaler use. Now we discover two further articles, oddly, on a different part of the site. They follow the same useful pattern as the earlier ones. They are:

  • Adopting remote monitoring via telehealth in your CCG’s practices – part 3: smoking cessation
  • Adopting remote monitoring via telehealth in your CCG’s practices – part 4: weight loss