New home for 3millionlives (UK)

Back in May we wondered if it might not be time for the 3ML initiative to be “moved to a new home” But this week’s low-key 3ML announcement (undated) that it has moved (from where it used to couch surf, with the Telecare Services Association) to a new home within NHS England’s Medical Directorate* leaves one wondering whether the also desired “reinvigorated and regenerated” will come about.

The move seems to confirm the widely held suspicion that, despite assurances about 3ML including telecare, it is really about telehealth. This is reinforced in the language of the announcement which is quick to reference clinicians. But how will NHS England get the ‘real’ NHS to adopt telehealth in practice? By being “a true partnership and synergy within NHS England” of course! [Glad to see, by the way, that it will be “delivered going forward”, not delivered backwards!]

We wonder too whether NHS England will continue to accept funding from 3ML’s private company partners. If it does not, it will not be the 3ML partnership originally envisioned and if it does, it could become a political embarrassment.

Has 3ML just been hit from the sandpit of the bunker into the long grass of the rough?

* “The English NHS is controlled by the UK government through the Department of Health (DH), which takes political responsibility for the service. Resource allocation and oversight was delegated to NHS England, an arms-length body, by the Health and Social Care Act 2012.” Wikipedia.

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    This is getting a bit silly now. I agree Steve, it looks like Telehealth is the focus; which is great except the figures quoted for 2012 – see the last info on the page directly above this latest announcement on the 3ML site – are for 104000 new users of Telecare, Telehealth and Telecoaching.
    I can bet my yearly salary that at least 100000 of those are for Telecare.
    It bemuses me.

  2. Alasdair Morrison

    Hi Steve,
    Whilst at the Kings Fund earlier this week I managed to have a good chat with Rachel Cashman regarding 3ML. I have to say that it was a very positive discussion and I am quite confident that there will be a re-focus of the whole programme and my understanding is that this will be around the delivery of technologies (not badged as Telecare and Telehealth) across integrated services. So in essence, less focus as currently is on the pathfinders and Telehealth.
    I have been asked to provide a report following our initial meeting of the Social Care 3ML Group in order to outline how we see this will progress and be an integral part of the overall 3ML programme.

    • Steve Hards

      Hi Alasdair, I’m glad to hear that someone who is closer to it than I am is feeling positive about the move. My perception is that the 3ML task in hand is all about marketing – in the best possible sense, I hasten to add – the technologies and their benefits and I have my doubts that NHS England has any marketing savvy. As always, I shall be happy to be proved wrong!

      I’m glad too to see that 3ML has a Social Care Group. If it is appropriate I hope that your report will be made available to TTA readers.

      Best regards, Steve

  3. Alasdair Morrison

    Hi Steve,
    I think that we should be focussing on the provision of technologies as part of integrated service provision. This will bring the Digital First agenda through the whole process, hopefully taking a ‘technology as default position’ approach to the delivery of prevention to acute services regardless of whether they are Health, Housing, Social Care or a combination of some or all. This would bring tru integration of the use of technologies.
    Whilst a lot is talked about innovation and transformation, I firmly believe that we must first ensure that we achieve integration to enable innovation to thrive, thus resulting in real transformation :-)

    In terms of the report and any other future papers / announcements, I really hope to see the 3ML website handle these and make available to all regardless of whether it is industry news / pathfinder news or social care (including Public Health of course) news. All communications also need integration I feel.