One more Prior Information Notice–and Yes, Prime Minister, some Advice (UK)

Our Eye on Tenders, Susanne Woodman of BRE, is proferring one more Prior Information Notice (PIN) via This is for the Suffolk County Council for the management of domiciliary care for the County from Autumn 2019. In the context of providing care, ‘maximising technology’ is mentioned. From TED: “We are looking to engage with providers to help us shape what future services, contract models/processes might look like in the future. If you are interested in being involved in this market engagement process, please contact who will provide further details about future events.”

Susanne has also pointed Readers to the Gov.UK ‘Correspondence’ page. The Council for Science and Technology (CST) makes four recommendations to Prime Minister Theresa May on how technology could help address the specific challenges affecting social care and support. The page includes links to the CST letter of recommendations and the PM’s response. 

New consultation on monitoring of home-based care services (UK)

Undaunted by the apparent lack of interest in their multi supplier framework agreement for telecare & telehealth tender last year, the East Shires Purchasing Organisation (ESPO) is now seeking to establish a multi supplier framework agreement for the supply of systems to facilitate the monitoring by local authorities and other service commissioners and service providers of home-based care services. The framework will apparently also include solutions and products that assist in the scheduling of home care visits and the rostering of care staff.

According to the announcement, the requirement is for both stand alone and integrated systems, with various hosting options and technologies. Systems should ideally be tailored to the needs of the home care sector.

At this stage, ESPO is keen to engage with interested parties to discuss the products and services currently available in the market, options regarding the structure of the procurement and the anticipated direction of future market developments. Those keen to participate in this market consultation are asked to contact Louis Blake on 0116 294 4055 or, by 30 August 2014.

Although having a touch of “big brother” (more…)