ROBOSOFT’s Kompaï-2 assistive robot debuts, wins award (FR)

[grow_thumb image=”” thumb_width=”200″ /] [grow_thumb image=”” thumb_width=”200″ /]It’s a far cry from May 2011, when Founder Steve visited with the early version of the French Kompaï assistive robot for what is delicately termed ‘frail people’ (left). Kompaï-2 (second left), still with the tablet in the front, appears a bit taller and has acquired a backpack basket (for wine, a baguette, Le Matin), a rotating torso, laser autonomous navigation, a 3D camera, facial expressions and a new color. Other new features include physical assistance features plus the ability to assist with position changes, walking and medications to reduce caregiver workload.

Redeveloped by the KEPA consortium, which includes the original developer ROBOSOFT plus RADHIUS and AGFA HealthCare France, the new version 2.0 debuted at the Ecole Polytechnique last week. It won the Silver Economy category in the Worldwide Innovation Challenge, with the French President François Hollande in attendance. Vincent Dupourqué, CEO and founder of ROBOSOFT, also announced that the Kompaï in-market date is 2nd quarter 2016 for preliminary evaluations, with pricing yet to be disclosed. Release, ROBOSOFT website, YouTube video.

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