Radiology converging imaging and real-time video

Radiology was one of the first specialties to freely locate the evaluation and reporting on patient imaging almost anywhere in the world. The objective of teleradiology was to increase volume, increase RVUs (relative value units used for Medicare reimbursement) and decrease turnaround times. What has been lost is the face-to-face contact between clinicians and radiologists with live interaction for the patient’s benefit and the clinician’s knowledge base. The addition of real-time video consults synchronized with an image viewer may be a solution. Imaging 3.0 shifts the emphasis to increased quality, increased patient safety and improved outcomes. Remote radiologists can be consulted earlier in diagnosis and during rounds ‘face-to-face’, which is far easier than by telephone. This recent article by reader Howard Reis of HealthePractices explains how even patients can participate in these consults. Real-time Video: Imaging 3.0 Toolkit? Originally published in Radiology Business and with the author’s permission.  

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