NHS Liverpool seeks telehealth provider

NHS Liverpool Clinical Commissioning Group (NHS LCCG) is soliciting a telehealth (remote patient monitoring) technology for a three-year contract. The first step for the telehealth provider is to submit a Pre-Qualification Questionnaire (PQQ) document by 5 September. If invited, providers will tender for the provision of telehealth technology services. The contract is valued at £2.4 – £14.4 million (including VAT), to start 3 April 2017 and extendable for two years after the initial three. The clinical portion–patient recruitment/assessment, back-end clinical monitoring and clinical support elements– is part of LCCG’s NHS Community Health Services provision and will be separately bid. For complete information, see the listing on the new Gov.UK Contracts Finder. Hat tip to Suzanne Woodman.

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