New word on the block: Plesiocare

Picked up in a comment by Kevin Doughty, the newly coined terminology ‘plesiocare’. Do you know what it means? Do you want to know what it means? It’s ‘near-care’ as opposed to ‘telecare’. That is, technology which gives feedback straight to the carer, rather than being mediated through a call center. At least that’s this editor’s understanding. Will it be useful? Will it catch on? What do you think? (Sorry there are more questions than answers! Steve)

Categories: Terminology.


  1. As a manufacturer specializing in “Plesiocare” we were excited to find the term because we were forever being branded as a Telecare provider. We work with all the big names in Telecare but our products have unique differences that suits local care management (such as Failsafe radio rather than just Class 1). I hope it catches on then Care Homes & Domicillary Care providers can be aware of the distinct differences when offered repackaged Telecare for local use.

  2. Steve Hards, editor

    Yes, it’s ‘plesiocare’, not ‘[i]plebiocare[/i]’ (you know who you are!) and has nothing to do with Downing Street, bikes or taking care of the police.