New lower fees for CUHTec telecare courses (UK)

CUHTec have announced new ‘early bird’ booking fees of £195 for CUHTec Strategy Courses for managers and commissioners and £95 for the CUHTec Training Courses for operational staff. Further details of the four Strategy Courses and one Training Course currently advertised can be found at

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  1. Kevin Doughty

    While editor Steve might feel that the reduced course fees are an important development for organisations that wish to improve their understanding of key issues, and the skills of their staff in planning or delivering high quality services, I would suggest that there is another more important news item to report. This is the fact that membership fees (previously £200 per annum) have been abolished while the frequency of free Regional Telecare Forum events has increased to 3 per annum for each region. Why wouldn’t a local authority, RSL, Dom care company, CCG, Mental Health Trust, Community Care provider or individual health, social care or housing professional, or supplier of telecare equipment or services not want to join?

  2. Jo

    I wonder if these moves by CUHTec will threaten the position of the TSA. Hard pressed local authorities will surely think twice before spending over a thousand pounds a year on an organisation that seems so out of touch with its members. But how can CUHTec afford to drop its membership fee even for suppliers AND reduce the course fees? Where’s the catch?

  3. Cathy

    The only catch I can see is you get the benefit of a wider participation in some excellent courses.

    Regardless of how good the course material and the presenters are (and I haven’t been paid to say that they are at CUHTec!), it is often the participants that make or break a training course – either through active discussion during the sessions or networking during breaks.

    If membership fees prevent people attending in the current economic climate then everyone loses out. Far more realistic to charge a reasonable course fee that clearly is relative to the costs incurred in hosting the group and get a good cross section of delegates. Well done CUHTec.