Health kiosks, insurers–perfect together?

The real revenue stream of health kiosks revealed? The business model of free health kiosks placed in places like Wal-Mart and sibling Sam’s Club has to date been advertiser-dependent. Now SoloHealth [TTA 27 Feb 13]is adding an agreement in California with insurer Anthem Blue Cross to solicit name, email and phone number of individual users who want more information on insurance. They must opt in to add this, but it is not disclosed by the friendly animation (a doctor, no less) that a broker will be contacting them; to find out, the user has to hit a blue button–not the one that ONC has designed for personal health record access–to read two pages of disclosure, or wait till after they supply information. In addition, SoloHealth collects even more qualitative user information during its exams for blood pressure, vision and BMI. Here is the real gold mine in ‘dem der kiosks’–a fat database which can be sold as deidentified data without violating current privacy regulations. (Did anyone think otherwise? And what about all that fitness data being gathered by Fitbit, Pebble, Shine, Jawbone?) KQED’s California Report gears up into high dudgeon on the privacy issues.

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