Follow up: Xerox invests in HealthSpot Station kiosks (US)

The day after this Editor posted on telehealth/virtual consult kiosk HealthSpot Station‘s new partnerships with Mayo Clinic and major drug retailer Rite Aid, Xerox announced their investment in the company. Xerox is not a business services organization one immediately associates with healthcare technology, but perhaps not anymore, based on this quote from Connie Harvey, Xerox’ chief operating officer of Commercial Healthcare: “HealthSpot is at the center of healthcare’s shift to a patient-centered model of care, and our investment in the company demonstrates Xerox’s commitment to transforming traditional healthcare into a high-value delivery system for patients, providers and payers.” Xerox will also be supplying BPO–business process outsourcing–services for cloud hosting, system integration, claims eligibility and claims submissions. But there’s more….The funding (not disclosed, but a HealthSpot Station spokesperson confirmed that the investment is separate from this spring’s $18.3 million raise) will be used to scale HealthSpot Station’s deployment and “access Xerox’s relationships across the healthcare industry.” The release also discloses HealthSpot’s targets over the next five years: retail pharmacies, large employers, long-term care centers and emergency departments in the US. Observation: it seems like HealthSpot is a near-textbook case of a health tech startup doing most everything right from design, software, reasonable but not excessive early-stage funding, regional pilots to test scale and operations to high-profile, highly credible partnerships. Previously in TTA: Telehealth kiosk HealthSpot gains trials with Rite Aid, Mayo Clinic

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