Five for Friday: 3D printing

In addition to our five robots from EU Robotics Week, five medical 3D printing endeavors are spotlighted by MedCityNews: Princeton University’s artificial ear (more sensitive than human);  University of Nottingham’s 3D printed bone scaffold coated with 3D printed stem cells; University of Michigan’s tiny trachea splint of biopolymers [presented at the NYeC conference on Friday]; the UK’s Open Hand Project (similar to Editor Charles’ ‘Dad, can you print me a hand?’) and from the University of Glasgow, a vision of a 3D printer to manufacture medicines. Researchers, especially those in orthopedics, are far into investigating  the use of 3D printers for reconstruction and repair via the use of printed bone scaffolds. Your Editor this past week at NYC Medtech saw a short poster on a NYU School of Medicine/NYU Langone Medical Center 3D printing project involving scaffolding for bone grafts (not published); a NYU presentation on 3D scaffolding in the repair of craniofacial bone defects is here.

Previously in TTA: A real, beneficial, current use for 3D printing in medicine (Belgium) and 3D bioprinting – you may already have benefited

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