“Dad, can you print me a hand”, and future 3D printing developments

Evidence that 3D printing is becoming increasing relevant in the world of healthcare comes from this story of a father who printed a new hand for his son who was born with the fingers missing on his left hand.  Whilst the article focuses on the DIY cost saving, there is no mention of the capital cost of the printer.

Earlier this month, the CEO of 3D Systems, Avi Reichental, gave a presentation on the topic of 3D printing in healthcare at FutureMed in San Diego at which one tweet quoted him as saying that “”It’s easier to print <a> (body) organ than <a> jet engine blade.”  Though not directly healthcare related, I also like his comment that the right question may soon no longer be “whether we´ll have a 3D printer at home. It is… what room of our house will have the 3D printer?”

Finally, on the 3D printing theme, Medcity News has produced a cornucopia of ideas on how health developments will change the Thanksgiving dinner by 2030, including the possibility of 3D printing turkey and desert!

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  1. Dr Nick robinson

    If you print at an Internet Print Foundry (ie Shapeways), then the capital expenditure is not needed.hence this opens a huge potential market in the 3rd World – think of Mine victims

    The video is great – More power to his 3D hand!