First kick at World Cup will be by exoskeleton-equipped paraplegic

[grow_thumb image=”” thumb_width=”170″ /]A Duke University team’s robotic exoskeleton will be worn by a Brazilian for the ceremonial first kick at the first World Cup match (Brazil-Croatia) in São Paulo in June. According to Mashable, the development of the lightweight alloy (though not in appearance from the video) body assistive ‘walking suit’ is by a multi-national team headed by Duke professor Miguel Nicolelis. The suit is connected to an electrode cap that uses brain waves to direct physical motion, enabling the wearer to ‘think and move’. Prof. Nicolelis has trained nine Brazilian paraplegics, ages 20-40 with different types of paralysis, to use the suits, and three will participate in the opening ceremonies. Guardian (also illustration) Duke University video (Mashable).

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