ElliQ companion robot, NYSOFA partner for NY older adult assistance

In a step to move robotics more widely into the home, the recently launched ElliQ voice-controlled small-size companion robot from Intuition Robotics will be offered in a pilot program to about 800 seniors in a NYSOFA (New York State Office for the Aging) program. NYSOFA and Intuition Robotics will work with over 830+ case managers to nominate the best candidates for the program. The NY state office is the company’s first state government partner. This is the second initiative in robotics for NYSOFA, the first being an animatronic pet program from Ageless Innovations/Joy for All that reportedly reduces self-reported loneliness by 70 percent.

As we noted in March, ElliQ responds and ‘learns’ by voice commands and through a connected tablet. It is unusually shaped like a small lamp, is animated in place, and initiates conversation that resembles chit-chat after a learning period. Behind this is interactivity–the companion part–checking in to say “good morning,” pointing towards sleep, but also informing family or friends that you’re OK and helping track appointments and medications. ElliQ release

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