Chubb upgrades fall detector to identify, cancel a false alarm (UK)

[grow_thumb image=”” thumb_width=”150″ /]Chubb Community Care on Monday announced an upgraded fall detector which can both identify and if appropriate, cancel a fall alert alarm. “During the first 20 seconds of an incident, cutting-edge algorithms perform silent analysis of the situation, recognising if an individual is back on their feet,” according to David Hammond, general manager, in describing how the system differentiates a fall from a false alarm.

The self-cancellation software has been improved to help differentiate between types of movement, for example if the person is moving on the floor where help is needed, which may apply to epileptics having seizures, versus standing up and mobile. The wrist-worn device also has a standard button alert to summon help. If an alarm happens, it has a confirmation feature that indicates that help has been called by flashing a red light and vibrating for 20 seconds. The user at that point can manually cancel the activation or let it continue. According to Chubb, the product is presently in-market.  Release.

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