Horizon Monday 12th August – ‘Monitor me’ (UK) now with tech update

A good programme exploring vital signs measurement – well worth a look. If you missed it, it is on BBC iPlayer (only available in the UK).

The 3GDoctor has collated the tech demonstrated, if you want to buy/get more info.  Even offer a discount plus a ‘free ECG read’ on the AliveCor ECG device.

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  1. Monitor Me was a good advert for all of us who are developing state of the art monitoring system for the telecare market. However I shudder to think of the reaction from the army of sales prevention officers and ‘jobsworths’ in our NHS, to using a mobile phone and app for analysing sleep patterns. Has the BBC gone mad? Everyone will ask to be monitored soon, but the NHS have a cast iron policy of taking 14.2 years before adopting new technology, and they can (and will) introduce some new procurement rules to stop any progress dead. Thankfully your General Practitioners, who keep abreast of the technology, will ignore the NHS guidelines if they can see benefits to the patients. Well done BBC

  2. Hi Graham,

    It’s not just GP’s that will “ignore the NHS – 14.2 year policy – guidelines”.

    Already millions of Patients are side stepping them and buying and installing mHealth apps for themselves eg. the world’s best selling iOS mHealth retails from as little as $2.99:


    NHS Cardiologists are already buying ECG Smartphone Cases and providing them to their Patients: