Alzheimer’s telecare project interim evaluation results (video)

30 minute presentation by Sarah Delaney, of the Work Research Centre, delivered to the Technology and Dementia Seminar, School of Social Work and Social Policy, Trinity College Dublin in November 2010 – but just posted by the University on YouTube – about the results of the Alzheimer’s Society’s survey of carers. Telecare Project Interim Evaluation Results.

Content: 10/10. Unmissable if you are interested in telecare with people with dementia, especially the ‘Food for Thought’ section starting around 20 mins. General non-UK readers will be interested too in the definition of ‘telecare’ around the 2 min mark.
Presentation: 1/10. Well organised and good to listen to, but the bullet-ridden, text-heavy slides are the kind that have (unfairly) got PowerPoint its bad reputation.

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