A Tale of Two Telecare Aware Advertisers

Visits to Telecare Aware have continued to grow month-on-month and, looking at the statistics up to the end of September 2010, this is what Company A has missed out on:

  • The total page views in September 2010 were 14,957 – up 40% on December.
  • Unique visitors in September had increased to 5,580 – up 94% on December.
  • Over the nine months since Company A stopped advertising there have been 127,650 page views and 35,196 unique visitors.
  • If Company A and Tynetec had been the only advertisers (we allow only a maximum of four in that slot) Company A’s banner would have been seen 63,825 times.
  • At the same click-through rate as December, they could have expected at least 2,360 visits to their site. As it was, most of the banner views went to Tynetec by default. Lucky them!

To repeat: in the past 9 months Company A missed an estimated 2,360 visitors to their website by not advertising on Telecare Aware.

Because Telecare Aware provides news of interest to people on all sides of the telecare, telehealth and eHealth industries, our visitors are industry-focused and very loyal. In any time period about half of our readers visit more than once. Telecare Aware therefore has a concentrated readership of influential people in the field. Advertisers who are seen to be supporting Telecare Aware consistently may benefit from that loyalty.

Furthermore, because of its long term commitment Company A had previously been enjoying beneficial pricing for advertising. It will now miss out should it decide to advertise again because Telecare Aware’s prices – while still reasonable – went up in September to reflect the 40% growth in page views and the near doubling of unique visitors.

So what are you waiting for? Another 35,000 visitors to pass you by? See this page for rates, etc. and get in touch to set up your advertising now.