Telecare Soapbox: Credit Crunch and Telehealth

Andrew Hall, a Telehealth Entrepreneur in the UK, reflects on the potential effect of the financial crisis on the future of the market for remote patient monitoring telehealth.

Even when the cash flowed, investment in this technology has been startlingly low and ineffective. It is difficult to see how the new financial environment will improve that track record… (more…)

Sponsor a Conference Report

If your company is not having a presence at a major conference, sponsoring a Telehealth & Telecare Aware report from it may be your best and cheapest alternative way of ‘being there’. Your banner will be seen by everyone reading the reports – for ever. Here’s an example.

How it works

Editors Steve Hards and Donna Cusano give our time, energy and expertise to travel to and write the reports, and conference organisers – who understand the value of the publicity – offer us press passes. But we need support to cover travelling and subsistence.

Please plan ahead as far as possible: the sooner arrangements can be agreed the less travel and accommodation generally cost, and so less sponsorship funding is required. We can either invoice you for the agreed costs or it may suit your budget or administrative arrangements to make accommodation and travel bookings on our behalf.






Telecare Soapbox: Eight reasons why current telemedicine videoconferencing technology isn’t good enough

Skip Rodenbush, Founder and CEO of Interactive Multimedia Artists expounds on why current telemedicine videoconferencing has such high barriers to adoption. See end of the article for information on the new system his company has developed.

The new healthcare delivery system depends heavily on the wide deployment of scalable and manageable telemedicine. Traditional telemedicine technologies do not meet these requirements. Instead they offer expensive, unmanageable and overall impractical solutions. (more…)

Clay Shirky keynote speech video

20 minutes: Health 2.0 Conference

This video is over a year old and was posted as a lead-in to this year’s Health 2.0 conference. I hope they leave it online because he has some important messages for health services and telehealth/telecare providers that care to listen. It’s a thought-provoking 20 minutes. Get coffee and a pen and paper to jot down your responses – then post them here. Clay Shirky Health 2.0 2008 keynote speech video.