My email alerts have stopped arriving

If you find that the alerts have stopped arriving, just sign up again.

We automatically remove addresses of people who sign up if emails have ‘bounced’ three times. Bounces – returned undeliverable emails – can happen for a number of reasons outside anyone’s control.

The other main causes of alerts emails not arriving are:

  1. Changing email address and forgetting to update it, which you can do here.
  2. Employers’ email systems blocking emails – ask your IT Department to ensure that emails from Telehealth & Telecare Aware are ‘whitelisted’.
  3. Large free email account providers – (Hotmail), Yahoo, GMail, Comcast, etc. – are well known for not delivering emails they arbitrarily decide may be spam. And they may not tell anyone that they have not been delivered. If you can, sign up with another email address.

There is no harm in trying to sign up again – the system will know if you are already registered.


Linking to Telecare Aware

Thank you for considering linking to Telehealth & Telecare Aware

How you do so is, of course, up to you. You know best how to speak to your readers and how to make them interested.

However, if you want to use a graphic image, here’s one, and some suggested text (below) to trigger your own ideas.

To use the above image on your site, simply highlight and copy the following html code, and paste it into the code on the page where you want the image to appear. This will ‘pull’ the image from TelecareAware and bring people to the site if they click on it.

<p><a title=”Visit Telehealth & Telecare Aware” href=””><img src=”×100-apr2013.gif” alt=”telecare” border=”0″ /></a><p>

If the above doesn’t suit your needs email the webmaster. You can resize the image, but please keep the proportions the same.

Suggested explanatory text (edit as required):

Telecare Aware has been providing a free, specialised, internet news and information service since 2005 to people interested in developments in the fields of telehealth, telecare, mHealth, etc. Its purpose is to help suppliers and service providers around the world keep up to date with what each other are doing. Readers save time keeping up to date by not having to search the internet themselves day after day and they can be alerted each time the news is updated, by a number of means including email.

Adding a Telehealth & Telecare Aware news feed to your website

Keep your visitors (and yourself!) informed of latest Telehealth & Telecare Aware postings without them having to leave your site by adding an RSS feed to it. The simplest way to do this is to search Google for an RSS add-in or ‘widget’ that you can add to your site to keep the feed neat and tidy, and copy and use this RSS feed url:

The same RSS feed url can be used to feed Telehealth & Telecare Aware news items to your email account or personal news feed aggregator.

Thanks for your link, and if you need help with any of this please email me!


Screen Resolution

If this image is at the edge of your screen you are not getting the best from your computer monitor’s display. You will often have to scroll across to see the whole of whatever you are looking at and the image will be grainy. This is because this display resolution was designed for monitors in the old days when the use of images was unusual. It is easy to change the display resolution. Just follow these instructions for a better computer experience.

1. Click on the Start button, then Control Panel, like this:

2. Depending on which Windows setup you are using you will need to click on either the item called ‘Display’ or ‘Appearance and Themes’ (and then pick ‘Change the screen resolution.). If you can’t open the Display properties box as in the picture below your IT people have stopped you from changing the display. Complain until they let you or they change it for you!

3. Find the ‘Settings’ tab, then slide the Screen resolution slider towards the right, as in the picture below. The setting I have suggested works well on most monitors, but if you have a laptop, you may need to set it to something different. It doesn’t harm to experiment.

4. Click on ‘OK’. The screen may blank out for a moment.

At first sight of the new setting some people want to switch back because what is on the screen looks smaller and they wonder how they are going to see without straining. But the image will probably be sharper and you will see more of what you were looking at. It can take a little time to get used to it, but it is worth persevering. When you are working in Word or most other programs it is possible to change the zoom to see bigger text. That way you can have the best of both worlds.

If you have a mouse with a scroll button, a quick way to enlarge the text is to hold down the Ctrl key while you move the scroll button. Try it now! (But not all my pages are fixed to adjust the text size yet!)

If you think I could make these instructions clearer, please email me.


  • Actively confirm the safety of customers and staff
  • Provide medication and appointment reminders
  • Co-ordinate reassurance contact with ease

Offer more, save money and streamline

Pellonia is probably the easiest way for your organisation to offer better telecare services, manage and locate mobile staff and increase profits all at the same time!

Organisations using Pellonia

  • Community alarm providers
  • Telecare service providers
  • Registered Social Landlords (RSLs)
  • Organisations with mobile staff
  • Vulnerable adults charities

Visit the Pellonia website now.