My email alerts have stopped arriving

If you find that the alerts have stopped arriving, just sign up again.

We automatically remove addresses of people who sign up if emails have ‘bounced’ three times. Bounces – returned undeliverable emails – can happen for a number of reasons outside anyone’s control.

The other main causes of alerts emails not arriving are:

  1. Changing email address and forgetting to update it, which you can do here.
  2. Employers’ email systems blocking emails – ask your IT Department to ensure that emails from Telehealth & Telecare Aware are ‘whitelisted’.
  3. Large free email account providers – (Hotmail), Yahoo, GMail, Comcast, etc. – are well known for not delivering emails they arbitrarily decide may be spam. And they may not tell anyone that they have not been delivered. If you can, sign up with another email address.

There is no harm in trying to sign up again – the system will know if you are already registered.


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