Yecco Update (UK)

Having previously covered Yecco on this site, we thought readers might be interested to know that the service has been completely updated, with additional features to come. What follows are extracts from their press release, appropriately adapted; we have not checked out any of these features ourselves.

Yecco is a free private network that stores all users’ vital information in one safe place. Aimed at older and disabled people and those who care for them, it’s a social media platform, connecting friends, families and professionals

It is free to download from the app store to any mobile or tablet device.  Features include instant messaging, photo sharing, a shared calendar, with reminders and notifications, as well as a video chat facility that works across platforms.  The app has a basic and advanced viewing option, so even those less familiar with technology are able to connect and receive messages from friends and family, and also can have a video chat without having to touch a thing!

With an interest in supporting caregivers, individuals being cared for, and their families, Yecco aims to become much more than a social media site. It will act as a support network for individuals experiencing similar situations. The app will be a great way to connect families together, especially those distant or in residential or care homes, or having a hospital stay. Yecco will shortly extend to nurses and doctors for video consultations. It will act as a great place to store data in a safe, secure fashion.

Users have the option to create a medical profile by entering information such as allergies, dietary requirements, medication that you are taking, treatments you are receiving and symptoms you maybe experiencing. Users choose who to connect to and who sees what, giving them ultimate control over managing their health and private information. Professionals will have the ability to connect specifically as a medical connection, and with their consent could adjust and send information as could their closest friends and family.

A tagging system which is currently in place for events, is being extended to help users to keep an eye on their own health conditions with the option to share this with a clinician or someone close to them…and they could choose to contribute this for important clinical research. Tag reporting will also be introduced shortly to enable someone to see trends in social or clinical activities.

Soon to come will be groupings that could allow clinicians to share information or push information such as prescriptions or advice. Users will also be able to set up their own information groups (which can be open, by invitation or private). An example of this would be to enable separate groups for remote surgeries and consultations, by clinicians, by surgery or hospital departments. Medical device integration as well as sensors to our platform will be revolutionary for the health and social care sector.

Yecco is also offering to sell Home Care insurance to any UK resident.

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