Tunstall, world leader in telehealthcare, starts to evangelize the USA

We are interested to note that Tunstall is starting to claim the term ‘telehealthcare’ in the USA just as we notice it starting to downplay its use in its recent UK marketing materials in favour of ‘telecare and telehealth’. (In the UK the term ‘telehealthcare’ gained ground in general usage in some parts of the country after Tunstall started to use it and, as no other major suppliers used it, they succeeded in owning it in the way that a team which has the ball in its possession ‘owns’ the ball.)

How do we know that Tunstall is about to do its telehealthcare thing in the US? Read this press release: Telehealthcare Leaders Forum Welcomes Assoc. Chief Medical Officer at Northwestern Memorial to Speak About Healthcare Innovation. American and Canadian readers will be highly amused to learn that “The Telehealthcare Leaders Forum is North America’s only educational and professional event dedicated to stimulating innovation and leadership in the emerging era of technology and healthcare delivery.”

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  1. Donna Cusano

    That last statement would come as a shock to the organizers of these ongoing US conferences which also have the same aim: WLSA Convergence Summit, TEDMED, Health 2.0 (annual now in year 7 and with multiple smaller events), Center for Connected Health’s Connected Health Symposium (10th annual), the Living in Digital Times events at CES (now with the Digital Health Summer Summit), MedCityNews’ CONVERGE, the mHealth Summit and many smaller and more local events (TTA is a sponsor of the Health 2.0 NYC chapter) which have been advancing the cause over many years.

    This Editor hopes that Tunstall, in their commitment to North America, will find it in their budget and strategy to support and participate in some of these conferences.